Make SMS Coupon Easy

We provide the most simplest way for businesses to create SMS coupon campaigns that can give e-Top up instant price, other various rewards and generate coupon codes by yourself without technical knowledge.

Coupon Generator

Generate coupon codes easily and quickly with your criteria.

Audit Report

View real-time total budget reports on each reward.

Redemption Management

Redemption manager help you to manage and track your consumer data, status and redemption records

Manage Rewards

You can give your customers instant rewards such as top up directly to their mobile phones no matter what operator used.

Cloud Access

You can easily access SMSPoh Coupon Platform while you have an Internet connection from anywhere.

Export Coupons

Millions of coupon codes can be quickly exported to print and deliver to your customers.

Management your Budget

You can easily manage the budget you want to use for a campaign and view real-time financial reports.


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